Joint art direction, concept and development for RO Plastic Prize Contest 2019 with JRR Studio in Madrid.

PTp Pieces is a project by JRR Studio for Guiltless plastic.

The idea of this project is to elevate the textures of classic terrazzo floors to functional, durable and beautiful everyday objects. We have developed a series of multifunctional pieces that interrelate to one another. They are produced from crushed recycled plastic witch is held together with a water-based composite material with no solvents or VOC’s, an acrylic resin that is kinder to the environment.

The pieces have been designed and produced by hand in JRR Studio, by casting in white elastomer molds, a subsequent water sanding and an application of an acrylic sealant, also water-based, for the protection against possible stains.

The plastic used in this project is a polyamide 6 or PA-6, due to its characteristics in terms of hardness, high tensile strength, elasticity, and high temperature resistance, similar characteristics to those of the resin base used as a binder. It is mainly used in automobile, construction, fashion, medicine, electronic and electro-technological industries and has poor biodegradability with a long decomposition cycle.

Given the industrial uses in which we find PA-6, and knowing that it is not a material that is used in a range of short-lived products, but rather in a more durable ladder, we believe that using it in an object of lasting final life is taking a step forward towards another type coherent recycling.


Photographs by Alba Muñoz





Date & Time

agosto 11, 2019