Diseño e ilustración para invitación de boda de Saveria Casaús Carchella

A + V

abril 23, 2018

Design and illustration for wedding suite inspired by pomegranate or Granada in Spanish. This fruit shares its name with the city of Granada, Spain, home of the bride.   Watercolor and pencil on paper

Trozos de Recetas de Madre - Ilustración de Saveria Casaús Carchella inspirada en las recetas familiares.

Recetas de Madre

abril 23, 2018

Graphic work inspired by pieces of family recipes. Watercolor and pencil on paper

Diseño, ilustración y lettering para suite de boda por Saveria Casaús Carchella.

M + M

abril 30, 2018

Design, illustration and lettering for wedding suite. Watercolor and pencil on paper